Where do I go to get a permit?

Lake Quivira City Hall – 10 Crescent Blvd – Lake Quivira Ks 913 631-5300

                         Note: Quivira Incorporated (the HOA) may also require permitting. Contact their office at 913 631-7707


Do you accept a Johnson County contractor’s license? 

Yes, and it is required.

Do we need a city business license?

City Licensing is not required.

How Long does it take to get a permit?

After your submission of the required documents, it may take 3 to 7 days to review the documents/plans. Large projects may exceed 7 days.

Is LQ using 2018 IRC?

Yes, inspections require compliance to 2018 International Residential Code.

Is a permit required for roofing replacement?

At this time, permitting for roofing replacement is not required, but contact Quivira Incorporated for HOA permitting and/or approval.

                  Is “Ice and Watershield” Required?

                  Yes. Although we do not require a permit, construction is to be compliant with 2018 IRC/IBC.

                  Here is a letter for insurance claims regarding requirement of Ice and Watershield.

What is the cost for a permit?

Contact the Building Official to obtain the permit fee and performance bond of your project.


What is the Performance Bond?

The performance bond are funds paid to the city in the event of:

                Damage to property.

                Excessive inspection failures.

                Ordinance non-compliance.

                Permit fee overages.

What do I need to submit to obtain a permit?

A permit application, and depending on the project, engineered stamped plans.  On exterior projects with soil disturbance, you will need to submit an erosion control plan and possibly an engineered drainage plan.

Can the homeowner be the General Contractor?

Yes, you can, but unless you are licensed through Johnson County, you can NOT conduct, electrical, plumbing, HVAC or structural construction.  Each Subcontractor will in this case, must obtain a permit.


Where do I find the regulations on where I can build/remodel on my lot?

The setback / height regulations are listed on page 2 of the Variance Request Packet. 

I want to buy a property at Lake Quivira but replace the existing home with a new one.

Contact the Building Official to assist you with questions regarding building regulations and variance request process.

Are there restrictions to construction hours and days?

Yes – Both the City and Quivira Incorporated have limitations on when you can arrive and prepare for work as well as when construction shall cease.

Are there any changes coming up for 2019? 

We are revisiting the Building Regulations and Ordinances.  I wouldn’t expect any changes implemented until probably June or July at the soonest.

 What are the demolition requirements for the City?

Demolition permit is $500 with a $5000 performance bond.

Letters of utilities disconnects are required.

You will need to obtain a permit through Johnson County Waste Water regarding the sewer disconnect.

Approval of your plans/project prior to demolition.

How do you handle Water permits, Sewer permits, electrical/HVAC/Plumbing permits?

The building permit covers the home construction including electrical, HVAC, & Plumbing.

You need to apply for applicable permits for sewer and water prior to demo through those providers.

Notice of all utilities disconnect are required prior to demo.


Who are the utility companies that service Lake Quivira? 

Without knowing the address… most likely it is;

Westar Energy

Water One

Johnson County Waste Water

Kansas Gas


Here is some additional information as well….

If the new home or remodel project will need a variance, there is a $300 application fee, as well as required publications.  Please review the BZA Appeals Request Tab.


If you foresee construction of any natural stone retaining wall(s), there are conditions of approval that may require off site stone scraping, with the exception of final fitment on site.


Please contact the Homeowners Association – Q Inc – 913 631-7707 to inquire about any permitting requirements and fees they may have,



Permit Application

Stamped Engineered (KS) plans.

Engineered Water Drainage Plan.




Email or Call the Building Official



Permit Application

Stamped Engineered (KS) plans.

Engineered Water Drainage Plan-may be required

Survey-may be required




Permit Application

Stamped Engineered (KS) plans.




The “Request for Variance” process.


Email the Building Official with your proposed project to determine if you will need to request a variance. Click here to see the Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates.  (By law, a public notice is required which necessitates the deadline process.)
If so, complete the Variance Request Application
If you need assistance with obtaining information, communicate with the building official.
Submit the Request for Variance Application with the required documents:

Building Permit Application
CONSTRUCTION PLANS: Minimum of 1 Color Printed 11x17 set of plans

Digital version of the plans emailed to the Building Official

SURVEY: Minimum of 1 printed survey depicting all lot measurements and measurements of the proposed building for setbacks (click here to see an example).

Digital version of the survey emailed to the Building Official

WATER PLAN: If required, an engineered water drainage plan emailed to the Building Official
Photographs emailed to the building official of the current property.

Payment for the application fee.