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Urban and suburban wildlife is a reality, but the key to avoiding problems on your property is to not let them become comfortable.

Tips to stay safe and keep coyotes away:

  • Cats and small dogs can resemble the natural prey of coyotes, so you should not allow small animals outside unattended.
  • If you see a coyote, act aggressively - wave your arms, throw something or make loud noises.
  • To discourage them from your property, use repellents such as motion-activated lights, sprinkler systems, and garden hoses.
  • Remove food sources.  Coyotes are attracted to things such as pet food containers, unsecured garbage cans, exposed compost piles, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, fruit trees, and bird feeders.
  • Use chicken wire to cover your gardens and plants.
  • Eliminate access to shelter by closing all openings under and around your home so they cannot use those spaces to create a den for their young.


Click -------> Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, 913-422-1314