​The City of Lake Quivira Webpage is a tool that residents and visitors alike can utilize to learn more about our community. It is our hope that this site will assist you in:

  • Locating rules and regulations adopted by the City for such things as building permits, dog licenses, traffic regulations, open records act policy, etc.;​
  •  Mayor’s Report; 

  • Meeting Schedules;

  • Fun facts and history;
  • Special announcements

This webpage will be a work in progress and we welcome your input in how we can improve it over the course of time. 


    City of Lake Quivira  

Welcome to the City of Lake Quivira 

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Live. Escape. Celebrate. Play. Experience Lake Quivira.


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City Council Meetings

1st Monday of Each Month

6:30 p.m.

BZA/Planning Meeting
2nd Tuesday of Each Month
6:00 p.m.

Municipal Court
1st Wednesday of Each Month
5:30 p.m.